Coach - Vs - Trainer

What is a Coach?

  • Helps their athlete change in the way the person wishes, helps and inspires them change in the direction they are willing to go in.

  • Supports their athlete on every level for success.

  • Helps build awareness, empowers choice, and leads to positive change.

What is a Trainer?

  • Is a professional who is teaching the athlete a specific skill or set of skills.

  • Has pre-prepared materials and more than one athlete can be trained at once.

Which do you choose Coach, Trainer, or a person that can give you both?

As you are looking for the "RIGHT PERSON" to help you be successful in your fitness adventure, are you looking for a coach, a trainer, or a person that is both a coach and a trainer? It is important for you to know the difference in the two, so you can make a very calculated decision on the direction you go with. Looking for someone that is advanced in their training that can give you the tools to be a better athlete both in specific skill sets and supports you in a positive way that will guide you to achieve your goals, is ultimately what one should be looking for.

Give us a try to see if we can help you out with this! We feel that we can give you the tools you need to achieve your goals in a way that you will be encouraged, inspired, and taught the right skills of movements to obtain your goals.

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