Try "The Daily Effect" on TrainHeroic for Free (1 Week)

We now have daily programming as a team on the TrainHeroic App. You can join and try it out for Free (for 1 Week) and then stay if you like it!

Our Daily Effect has daily workouts that contain the following: warm ups, workouts, and cool downs. We make sure to program a complete step by step format. We have specific warm ups and cool downs that are focused based on the main workout for the day! Almost every movement that is programmed will have a video attached in the app, so you can have a reference for more confidence in the movements prescribed. The Daily Effect team runs at a very minimum costs of $25 a month. Other benefits include total access to our coaches on this app. You can send private messages to your coach, or in the team chat. Follow along and log your progress, at the same time you can have a community to have your back!

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