Work in Progress

I am a work in progress and have been my whole life. I love the fact that a world of imperfect people live on the earth trying to find a way to improve themselves individually to improve the world as a whole. Don't get me wrong, every day is a struggle to figure out which way to choose to improve. I haven't really figured this one out yet, but that is okay. That is why I continue to try to do my best every day.

One thing I really want to work on, is my physical make up. I need to lessen my non-functional weight that I have on my body. I need to cut carbs and fat intake in order to change that. It is a choice that I will have to act upon daily, and even every meal. Remembering to be patient and kind to myself so that not all my choices completely reflect my desired outcome as a whole. I want to be careful that I don't throw myself off so much that I don't start the process at all.

Being all talk with no action, well is a problem. I need to focus on the small wins for the day. What is my priority for the day? Today I had to set up a doctor's appointment that took almost all day to do. Now I need to focus on getting hydrated enough and make sure I eat the protein I need. I need to do something fun with the girls and then just rest so I can recover. See, the small wins for the day will help drive the process :)

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